Restoring the foundation of personal relationships for whole cities depends upon learning and applying practical methods which follow the rules of human interaction and connectedness. With our collective capacity to care for each other as our central tenet, Community Renewal has initiated a three-tiered structure to grow safe and caring communities.


The Renewal Team: This initiative brings together everyone in the city based upon our common capacity to care for each other and make this caring network visible. We work with individuals, faith groups, businesses, civic clubs, schools and government to help generate and support specific, intentional acts of caring within our communities.


The Block Leader Initiative: Volunteers are trained to reach out to their neighbors, restoring the relational foundation on the block where they live. They may host block parties, take meals to a sick neighbor, help find a lost pet, share garden produce, mow a yard or just offer a sympathetic ear. Through intentional acts of caring, block leaders are changing their communities one neighbor at a time.


The Friendship House Strategy: Volunteers and key partners build homes containing large community rooms in stressed neighborhoods. Community Renewal trained staff and their families live in these Friendship Houses to rebuild the caring infrastructure of the neighborhood by working with local children, youth and adults. Our goal is to have 8 Friendship Houses in 4 target neighborhoods.