1. Identify the caring people in our community

  2. Connect them through our community-wide network

  3. Equip them to begin changing their neighborhood


Restoring the relational foundation of our community depends upon learning and applying practical methods which follow the rules of human interaction and connectedness. With our collective capacity to care for each other as our central tenet, Community Renewal has initiated a three-tiered structure to grow safe and caring communities.


We Care. Team: This initiative brings together everyone in the city to help generate and support specific, intentional acts of caring. Team members sign a card describing one caring act they do for someone else and get a “We Care.” sign to put in their yard. This creates a network of caring people connected together to make caring visible in our community. 



Block Leaders: Volunteers are trained to reach out to their neighbors, restoring the relational foundation on the block where they live. They may host block parties, take meals to a sick neighbor, help find a lost pet, share garden produce, mow a yard or just offer a sympathetic ear. Through intentional acts of caring, Block Leaders are changing their communities one neighbor at a time.



Friendship House: A home built in an underserved neighborhood containing a large community room, where a trained Community Renewal staff member and his or her family live. Friendship House helps neighbors rebuild the caring infrastructure of their neighborhood and fosters beneficial relationships by working with local children, youth, and adults to help meet their needs while bringing valuable social services to the neighborhood. The Friendship House's community room will provide after-school activities and a safe place for kids, GED (Hi-SET) programs, adult literacy classes, and other services that meet the needs of the neighborhood. Through intentionally investing in and supporting stressed neighborhoods, Community Renewal's Friendship House Initiative is providing hope and empowering people to connect, care, and feel safe in their own neighborhoods.